One-Page Project Manager Testimonials

Project Management Testimonials

"Clark Campbell has done it again. . . . created another OPPM (One-Page Project Manager) winner! What would it be worth to you to ensure all of your IT projects delivered the expected value? Clark describes a high-level methodology and tool to help you achieve this goal."
Dave Berg, former chief information officer, IBM, Unisys, and Sun Microsystems

"Provides a proven process for project management that significantly improves the chances that the project will be completed on time, on budget, and on target."
Steven C. Wheelwright, PhD, Baker Foundation Professor, Senior Associate Dean, and Director of Publications Activities, Harvard Business School

"If you've ever needed to manage several projects at once, you know the dilemma: there has to be a better way to track the projects quickly, concisely, and reliably,but finding and learning that better way always seems too tedious, costly, or complicated. This book solves that problem."
Frank Luby, author and Partner, Simon-Kucher & Partners

"Really enjoyed the book - very stimulating and refreshing. Just going into my first meeting armed with my new tool!"
Nick Garrity , Southern Region Director, Corporate Risk Solutions (A Division of Lockton Companies International Limited

"Thank you...This book is so awesome that even my boss understood it."
Leotis Dunn Jr., Administrative Assistant Budget, Northeastern Illinois University

"I'm a project manager since 20 years and feel "to be experienced" in project planning and management. However, I must say that I feel very inspired by the OPPM method and am now keen to apply it within my research team. In addition, I appreciate the very easy and user-friendly way to download the OPPM Excel forms from your webpage without the need of endless clicking through pop-ups or needing to type in personal data! Thank you very much for that. If you're interested, I can later report you on the experiences we made with the OPPM in the team."
F. Weibel from Switzerland

"I found this book to be very practical in project management reporting. The single sheet of paper concept of reporting in particular is most helpful."
Lawrence Solomon, PNG Power Limited

"Just returned from the [2007] PMI show in Atlanta. Traded a copy of my book for Clark's book, which I read on the plane and here's what I have to say about Clark Campbell and his book, The One-Page Project Manager:'Jiminy Crickets Virginia! Holy spreadsheets Batman! Clark, you are a complete genius. That's the best project management book I've ever read. Will you marry me?' Seriously, buy his book if you manage projects or generally find execution a challenge. It's awesome."
Curt Finch, CEO, Journyx, Inc. and author of All Your Money Won't Another Minute Buy: Valuing Time as a Business Resource

"This is one of those great books that delivers what it says it will. The OPPM tool will be useful to anyone who manages projects, and for executives who want to monitor performance without information overload. I've been using the one-page format to record output from the executive team planning sessions I facilitate. It provides a straightforward summary with clear time-lines and accountability. It is very useful during the follow up sessions! You can get a good idea of how the OPPM works by first visiting the resources page on the website. Then buy the book to find out how to put your one-pager together."
Clive Griffiths, Director, iGriff Facilitation